Дробилка древесины

Дробилка древесины

Model: YMPJ216; YMPJ218; YMPJ2113

Capacity: 3-5t/h; 6-10t/h; 15-25t/h

Power: 55kw; 110kw; 315kw

Final Chips: 3-5cm

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Что такое Дробилка древесины?

ROTEXMASTER has been manufacturing wood chipper machines for all kinds of application fields. Our drum wood chipper are known for their performance and quality, both nationally and worldwide. The wood chippers can chip wood logs, branches, timber, cross-cuts, slabs, furniture waste, bamboo, wood pallet into 3-5cm chips. The broad application ranges from sawmill disposal for the chipping of cross-cuts, slabs and chips to large chipping stations in wood-based material plants, power plant, paper plant– individually adapted to your application.

Wood Chipper

Технический параметр
ModelPower(kw)Capacity(t/h)Feeding Hopper Size(mm)Chips Size(mm)Weight (t)

Drum wood chipper applies for various raw material, such as wood logs, branches, bamboo, timber, slab, various waste wood etc.

Мировой рынок щепы

Factors such as the use of renewable energy such as biomass due to the consumption of traditional energy are driving the wood chip market.

In addition, the demand of the pulp industry is increasing, in which wood chips are used as raw material for pulp production, which also expands the wood chips market.

Furthermore, wood chips have been used for power plants and heat generation.

When burning, wood chips will generate biochar, also named charcoal. It can be either used as charcoal or returned to the soil as fertilizer. This will drive the wood chips market. 

What to look out for when buying a wood chipper?

Feeding Hopper Size

What is the diameter of your raw material? This point is very important. As each wood chipper has certain maximum size.



Different models of wood chipper are with different capacity, please let us know your capacity requirement, we can help you choose suitable model.


Blade Quality

The blade quality determines service life. Choose the material with anti-wearing.



We have electric and diesel engine type. If you use your wod chipper in the factory, you can choose electric type. If you want to use the wood chipper outside or in the forestry, diesel engine wood chipper is suitable for you. 

Maintaining the Wood Chipper

General maintenance for wood chippers includes:

• Greasing moving parts at regular intervals

• Replacing the blades as necessary

• Replacing the screen as necessary

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Экспертиза в машинах для производства древесных гранул, решениях для линий по производству древесных гранул, измельчителях древесины, дробилках древесины, молотковых дробилках, роторных сушилках, холодильном оборудовании, упаковочных машинах и сопутствующем оборудовании.