What are the key factors influencing forming of wood pellets

01. 04, 2022

With the trend of the world's environmental protection theme, the pellet industry has ushered in a period of great development. More and more customers are focusing on the pellet industry and want to occupy the market before the pellet industry is saturated. But for those who are new to the pellet industry, making qualified pellets and maximizing the output is their ultimate goal. For various reasons, the quality and output of the wood pellets produced are difficult to meet the requirements. Now Rotexmaster will explain in detail several factors that affect the quality and output of wood pellets.

The first major factor that affects pellet molding and output is the compression ratio of the mould. Only when the compression ratio of the mould is right can it be pressed into pellets. The larger the compression ratio, the harder biomass pellets will be. If the compression ratio is much larger, the pellets may be carbonized or the pellets may not be pressed out. When the compression ratio is small, the compressed pellets are looser and easy to powder. If it is smaller, it will not be molded. Therefore, the determination of the compression ratio of the mold is very important. Therefore, if the customer sends materials to the manufacturer to test the wood pellet machine, it will determine the most suitable compression ratio of the materials.

The second major factor affecting pellets formation and output is the moisture of the material. The moisture content of the material should be controlled between 13%-15%, and the maximum should not exceed 18%. If the moisture is greater than 18%, pellets will not be produced. If the moisture content is between 15%-18%, the compression ratio should be larger than normal. If the moisture content is less than 10%, the compression ratio should be smaller.

The compression ratio should be determined according to the actual situation. It is best to let a professional manufacturer determine the compression ratio. If the material changes, it is best to let the pellet machine manufacturer confirm it for you. Rotexmaster has very rich experience in the production and processing of wood pellet machinery, so if you have any questions, you can contact us for consultation and answer.

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