Precautions for Start-stop Wood Pellet Machine

12. 14, 2021

Wood pellet machine is a kind of mechanical equipment. With the development of science and technology, although the start-stop technology has made certain progress, it has become more and more simple, but it still needs to be manipulated manually. So there may still be operating errors in the process when makes start-stop, which means that there are still many things that need to be paid attention to. So what are the precautions when staring and stopping the wood pellet machine?

1. When the host button on the electric control cabinet is pressed when starting, it will run idling, but at this time it hasn't really started up, it can't granulate or add oil to wash the mold, adjust the current, and wait for the current meter to display the current. After it is normal, it is necessary to put in some oily materials and rinse the ring die for about one minute to heat up the ring die. Then when the material slowly squeezes out the oil from the last shutdown, it will appear out of shape or half. The molded material pellets must wait for the molding rate to increase before feeding them into production normally.

2. When feeding the wood pellet machine, the amount of feed should not exceed 20% of the production capacity of the equipment. Also, prevent the sudden increase of load due to too much material being fed in an instant, which may cause blockage or mechanical damage. After the material is quenched and tempered, it feels tight and can form a mass, and when it can disperse after letting go, close the feed door and press it.

3. When preparing to stop, first add oily materials to clean the molding materials in the mold. After checking the oil from the observation room and replacing the sawdust pellets, first turn off the feeder and wait until the wood pellet machine is no longer discharging. Turn off the host. When increasing the oil, the material should be added slowly, feeding too fast will lead to abnormal discharge or no discharge immediately. As a result, check whether there is accumulation of materials in various parts, turn off the main power supply of the equipment system, and do the follow-up cleaning work.

When we start and stop the wood pellet machine, we must pay attention to the above precautions, so as to extend its service life, because in this process, there are actually many details that need our attention, such as materials and oil. The order of delivery and the amount of delivery will affect the smoothness of equipment startup and shutdown, and then affect the performance of the sawdust pellet machine and the quality of material pelleting.

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