Investment Guide: How to choose a wood pellet machine

02. 15, 2022

Why choose a large wood pellet machine instead of a small one?

When customers buy a wood pellet machine, we generally recommend choosing a large size rather than a small one, because the larger the model, the more stable and durable the machine is.

why? Let's start with the principle of the wood pellet machine.

The principle of the wood pellet machine is that the pressure roller strongly squeezes the sawdust through the holes of the mold to form sawdust pellets. Think about it, if the mold or the pressure roller is replaced by wood, can you still make pellets? Obviously not, thenif the mold and pressing roller is made of iron, can it work? Certainly not. The larger the size of the wood pellet machine, the larger and thicker the mold and roller, the greater the rigidity of the overall model, while the strength of the raw wood chips is unchanged, so the larger the equipment, the more "labor-saving" it is to press, and the stability of the wood pellet machine, the better the performance, the longer the service life.

As the equipment increases, the processing difficulty of the equipment itself also increases, so it is difficult for some pellet equipment factories to make qualified large-scale equipment, so they can only publicize that the large-scale equipment is unstable and immature. This is not good.

Of course, if the output is small, we will not recommend large-scale equipment to you, because it is not necessary. As a regular pellet machine factory, we will recommend suitable equipment for customers based on facts.

Now, RotexMaster has launched the latest new design wood pellet machine, a centrifugal vertical ring die wood pellet machine, which is more flexible and durable. After years of baptism, choose large or small, that is no longer so tangled. Nowadays, few people choose small pellet machines, YGKJ560 type wood pellet machine and YGKJ880 is already the two most commonly used models by default. For wood pellet machine, it is unnecessary if it is small, because small one is not profitable. Now the biomass pellet industry is very mature, just dare to choose the conventional configuration wood pellet machine to get more profit.

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